Running time: 2min

Ants was exhibited in the Circadian Visions exhibition held on Ngudooroo (Lamb Island), a residential island off the coast from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, in December 2022.

This was a one night show organised by Erika Scott in her back yard.

The exhibition site was a greenhouse tunnel, covered with mosquito netting instead of plastic, which exhibited the works of seven artists - Paul Andrew, Kiki Blundell, Christopher Cipollone, Jeanelle Hurst, Mark Du Potiers, Erika Scott, and myself. We were asked to produce work that emitted light in some way - to attract the insects, that are prolific in her back yard at that time of year, even more. Part of the rationale for the mosquito netting was to provide some sort of protection from the insects once inside the tunnel.

This version of Ants consists of nine video screens arranged as an archway, inside the greenhouse tunnel.

The raw footage of the ants was taken at the Coral Coast caravan park in Carnarvon, Western Australia, while on a trip down the West Coast in 2019.

Documentation footage:
John Waller
Liav Shalev (@soggybreadissad)

HD video
Six channels spread over nine video screens
John Waller 2022

Duration of this documentary video: 2min
Duration of full work: Infinite loop